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Your wedding planner should have an estimate on how early to book. Otherwise it never hurts to call or visit the venue in person. Tradition and culture are the cornerstones of every wedding. Whether for you that’s the familiar ritual of cutting the cake, or as unique as your pet lizard walking you down the aisle, these will be memories for you to cherish forever. If there is something that has particular meaning for you – a little creative thinking can ensure that it’s part of your day. The backdrop will be beautiful, but there are some points to consider before you book this type of venue. If you’re planning to have a wedding cocktail before the actual reception, we can help you with that, as well.

  • Dorfold Hall is still a relatively new wedding venue and it caters to couples wanting understated luxury for their wedding day.
  • It’s full of character, charm and is ideal for those who want a glamorous take on a barn wedding venue.
  • Ideal for difficult patio or garden spaces as they can be attached to buildings, and the company will dress and drape them as you see fit.
  • Upper House Hayfield only hosts a few celebrations a year so it’s special to you as well as being unique.
  • Birdcage floral arrangements can brighten up your gift table.
  • Organize a get together with your wedding party to put these jars together a few days before the wedding.

If you love the idea of a casino wedding venue, however, reach out to those in your area to see if you can get married there! Your guests are sure to have a good time at one of these unique wedding venues. Non-traditional wedding venues are all around if you know where to look. If you are having second thoughts on that traditional wedding venue for your non-traditional wedding, look no further! Here are some unique locations ideas to inspire your own wedding reception or ceremony ideas.

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The Royal Foresters has been a meeting place in the heart of Ascot for over 140 years. Now, this historic building has been refurbished, remade and redesigned.

A place where the past meets the present, this stunning hotel has 24 beautiful guest rooms each with bespoke, contemporary interiors. Come through the main entrance, beautifully framed with wisteria, and arrive into the fully restored original bar with two period fireplaces. Through a brand new glazed extension on the east side, there is a charming view onto a landscaped terrace and freshly planted beer garden. Situated between Bicester and Aylesbury, The Akeman Inn is a unique venue bursting with warmth and charm to make your wedding truly special. Named after the ancient Roman road upon which it resides, The Akeman Inn existed as a coaching inn for 200 years, until the mid-19th century.

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This stunning building offers a lounge and bar area and an open fireplace, a modern restaurant with timber beams and an open kitchen and glorious views of open countryside. Of course, that is not to say that those on the hunt for some classic Essex glamour and excess can’t find what they are looking for. With stunning architecture and romantic lighting, a historic movie or performing arts theater can set the scene for a charming wedding. Couples can have a ceremony for $600 or a ceremony and reception for $1,600 at the Michigan Theatre in Jackson, Michigan.

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Use the plates as chargers, table runners, or for the food service. Clean the plates and guests can take them home as a lovely and sentimental favor. It’s not the norm, but there’s no rule against having a wedding and reception on a Tuesday or Wednesday. And these options are even less expensive than Fridays and Sundays.

There are several lighthouses available for weddings in the UK, but Nash Point Lighthouse in Glamorgan is actually still operational. It’s ideal for intimate ceremonies – there’s a maximum of 25 guests over two floors. If it’s the wow factor you’re after, this iconic London landmark will surely deliver. The Gherkin offers wedding ceremonies up on level 39 with sweeping views of St Paul’s Cathedral and the rest of the cityscape. Champagne under the glass dome at sunset sounds pretty unbeatable. Sitting your guests in a swimming pool sounds slightly bonkers, but when it’s as fetching and, importantly, devoid of water as Victoria Baths in Manchester, one is forgiven.

These former Victorian baths opened in 1906 and still maintain their original period features, like stained glass, terracotta tiles and mosaic floors. The long-term aim is to reopen them as a swimming pool and Turkish baths but, until that time, you can host a wedding with a difference there. It’s a dramatic space with five different areas licensed for ceremonies, including the pools and the Turkish Rest Room with its Angel Of Purity window. Owned by an interior designer husband and wife, The Highfield House is striking from the outside, vibrant on the inside. You’ll hardly need any decorations as the house itself bursts with character and jewel colours, and comes with fun additions like lawn games, picnic and dressing-up boxes, and play tents. The selection of spaces you’ll have access to is abundant, including the Grand Hall, Library Bar, outdoor terraces and an opulent bridal suite.

When you’re deciding on a wedding favour, you want to select something that your guests will definitely use and something that will make them smile. That’s why this idea of pills to use before and after drinking is perfect! Similar to the Love Potion idea, fill a little bottle with something tasty and label it dancing juice! Super simple wedding favour idea and something your guests will definitely use!

It really is okay, and you may not have to deal with guests who overdo it at an open bar. An alternative is to make it an open bar until after dinner, and then switch to a cash bar. Be sure to make this clear in your wedding invites and with a sign at the bar. Vendors outside of the wedding industry may be less expensive. Ask your favorite spots if they cater and see if they’ll cut you a deal as regulars. Even if they don’t typically cater, you can ask if they’ll create large portions of your favorite dishes and provide them with chafing dishes.

Or keep your ears open for live performers you’ve noticed while out at a bar or restaurant and if they’re open to doing weddings, ask them for their business card. Here are their (plus some of our!) best ideas for a small, intimate wedding. Whether your wedding is a small intimate occasion or a large family gathering, formal or informal we have the experience, the expertise and facilities you require. We will spend as much time as necessary with you to make sure everything is perfect. If your budget is tight, see which vendors offer affordable packages explicitly designed for small weddings! You may find that some venues are surprisingly more affordable than others when hosting smaller weddings.

Learn more about this incredible venue and some of our favouriteDorfold Hall wedding photography. Up to the Lake Distrcit for the next of my favourite wedding venues. Cote How is a little hidden bit of Lake District loveliness. A small and intimate wedding venue, it combines an elegant house with rooms for bridal prep and ceremony with a party barn – perfect for decorating with your own touches.

If you’re reluctant to ship your cohort out of London but fancy a country house feel, this solves all your problems. This recently renovated Grade II listed marvel has vast windows that offer scenic views across the park. Set in 625 acres of idyllic Kent countryside, the romantic double moated castle was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Hever has a rich and varied history, dating back more than 700 years.

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If you don’t have enough room for a large bowl in your centerpiece, it might be a good idea to try one of the other centerpiece ideas. Yeah, nothing is more fun and beautiful at a wedding than a dead fish is a bowl. I hope no one is that stupid to put fish in a little bowl where is NOT enough space or air for fish to live even to the end of the wedding. Sometimes the best decorations start with the most unlikely materials. Who would’ve thought a coat of spray paint could turn PVC pipes into vibrant vases. For a vibe that’s both rustic and contemporary, paint the ends of logs in bright hues (the circular motif is especially well-suited to their shape). Flowers have all the fun, but why not add some grass to your tablescape?

  • Personalized rustic mason jar vase decorated with a simple ribbon and a pretty burlap heart, simple but yet still so beautiful.
  • Why burden your budget with extra props when you already have everything you need?
  • A touch of this 70s décor favourite gives instant boho chic vibes, especially when hanging from driftwood and embellished with undone floral arrangements.
  • If you don’t like peonies, you always can switch out the flowers to something that’s more your style.
  • Are you searching for stylish, DIY decor projects that won’t bust your budget?
  • If you’re printing your wedding programs at home, then enhance it by cutting thin metallic shape prettiness and arranging them in a lovely geometric pattern like this bride did!

The similar presentation of fitting all the fixings into a glass tube is a popular aesthetic. Add some greenery to your wedding aisle by including potted plants throughout. Pick out some beautiful flowers that will match your color scheme for a picturesque ceremony.

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A table lighting display is an easy place to start your DIY, but a massive floral chandelier might be better left to the experts. And speaking of festival weddings, get your chic on with our gallery of colorful, relaxed, and DIY wedding ideas designed for a casual and bohemian party vibe. Save jars and bottles, add twine and fill them with flowers before hanging them in and around your venue.

Vintage Newspaper Story Invitation

Even if you rather want an extravagant more than a classic wedding theme, make sure the simplicity is your primary guide. Too many details and different decorative elements can cause space look crowded and disorganized – you don’t want a kitschy look for your wedding day. To avoid this kind of scenario, look for the things that can be the foundation of your decoration – neutral colors, subtle lines, and textures. Furthermore, highlight the space with the compelling centerpiece or combine few themes that correspond to your style. In case you would like the eclectic look, opt for two or three colors that create cohesion with each other and use the same logic for ornaments. From Hello to HitchedAdd some whimsy to your wedding reception with a vase or jar full of paper pinwheels on each table.

These handmade invitations and stationery ideas are easy paper crafts. There is nothing as heartwarming as giving your guests a beautiful and comfortable space to relax, eat and enjoy during your wedding party. They’re ready to spend hours with you on your big day and one special way to accommodate them is to let them sit in gorgeous reception tables. Tight wedding budget doesn’t have to affect the overall look of your wedding venue, just like the unlimited budget doesn’t always guarantee the top-notch decoration.

This wooden flower box is perfect for holding cold drinks for an outdoor wedding reception. Not only does it look great – it’s wooden and it has a really nice rustic appeal. You could build the flower box yourself out of pallets if you don’t have one on hand – just a thought. You can really add that rustic touch with a garland made out of burlap and lace. These would be relatively easy to make – just tie up strips of burlap and lace fabric onto twine and then hang them throughout your reception or wedding area. If you prefer not to have to do it yourself, I found this one on Etsy for under $25 and it’s three feet long – plus you have color choices for the fabric.

Many guests bring cards to the happy couple for the wedding. If you’re planning to have a wedding card box and you want it to coincide with your rustic décor, this log box is perfect.